Serving Veterans in Okanogan County: Supportive Services for Veteran’s Families

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Supportive Services for Veteran’s Families (SSVF) is a program within the Okanogan County Community Action Council (OCCAC) that aims to serve Veterans and their families who have served at least one day of active duty. Whether Veterans need assistance finding or maintaining housing, locating ID’s (DD214 or ID), or securing benefits, our team works directly with Veterans from all military branches to ensure their needs are being met.

Jimmy Relaford, an Army Veteran, shared with us his experience navigating the social service world after losing his house in the Whitmore Fire in 2021.

Jimmy Relaford, Army Veteran

“I had built a little house on some leased property East of Omak Lake. I lost everything,” he explained.

“Because I was leasing property and had built the house outright, there was no available help. Nothing. I went from couch surfing to renting out a room, but nothing that could be long-term.

I had spent my life old school; you work for what you need kind of thing. It was my pride that stopped me initially from calling and asking for help. That just wasn’t something that you do, but it changed my life as soon as I did.

They did most of the legwork and heavy lifting, they got me into an apartment with a new bed, a mini fridge, the whole set-up. Within two months of calling, I was in a new apartment. They (SSVF) changed my life.”

Supportive Services for Veteran’s Families team aims to serve the Veterans and their families in our community. If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran in need, please contact us at (509) 422-4041.

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